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Sesame Technologies

Since 1990, Sesame Technologies, Inc. has been passionate about the manufacturing quality of our cutting edge products.

As a worldwide leader in our industry, we’ve gained a reputation for our professional creative capabilities, quick turnaround, superior quality control, and customer service.

We work with aircraft manufacturers, commercial airlines, international freight carriers, military, industrial and marine parts manufacturers.

Sesame Technologies

Sesame Technologies, Inc. manufactures heat resistant Pitot probe covers, air data sensor covers and other related ground support safety equipment.
Our unparalleled product line is used on executive, commercial and military aircraft.


Pilot Probe Covers

Offering a variety of Pitot probe covers: KPC3, KPC4, KPC4T, KPC5, and KPC6 series.

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Lanyard Systems

Our lanyard systems are designed to be used with our Pitot covers and total air temperature covers.

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Installation Tools

Installation tools come in a variety of lengths and aides in the Pitot cover installation process.

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Ice Detection Sensor Covers

Anodized ice detector sensor covers protect the sensor from damage during maintenance.

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Angle of Attack Covers

Protect angle of attack vanes with our anodized AOA covers.

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Static Port Covers

We offer two types of static port covers designed to protect the static port sensor.

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Static Wick Covers

High temperature static wick covers protect the ports from damage.

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Drain Mast Covers

Drain mast covers are designed to protect the drain mast during maintenance.

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Dehumidifier Adapter Kits

Dehumidifier adapter kits are used to keep electronics in a conditioned environment.

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Test Adapter Seals

High temperature test adapter seals are used to calibrate and certify flight data sensors.

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Total Air Temperature Covers

Flame-retardant Nomex® protective cover for the total air temperature (TAT) sensor.

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Antenna, MFP Test Boom Covers

Flame-retardant Nomex® protective covers for antenna, multi-function probe and test booms.

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