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Reduced Cost & Time

Reduced Cost and Time

Reduced AOG Time – $100s of thousands of dollars per day saved in flight revenue and mission availability.
Reduced Labor Time – 20-30X faster removing “Hard Metal” fasteners.
Reduced Damage Rate – Reported damage rates of 1% vs. 20% using a twist drill.
Reduced Material Costs – Substantial reduction in material costs cost savings).
Reduced Training Time Proficiency – 2 days of training vs. years of experience.
Eliminate FOD – Closed loop system eliminates the FOD and the cleanup.
Eliminate Injuries – Forceless Cutting Process reduces Ergonomic Strain on Workers.
Eliminate Exposure to Hazardous Waste – E-Drill FST’s closed loop system captures hazardous waste and stores it for proper disposal.
Eliminate Noise Exposure – Produces 75 DbA and requires no hearing protection to operate.

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