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Flight Data Systems

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FDS400-301 - HHMPI

The HHMPI (Handheld Multi-Purpose Interface, FDS400-301) is a handheld interface unit which connects directly to multiple types of Flight Data Recorders. It supports multiple memory devices for downloading flight data onto SD card CF card and USB memory drive. The HHMPI (p/n FDS400-301) provides a range of additional flight recorder functions, including engineering unit replay, in which the avionics technician may be used at the aircraft or in the office.

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FDS HHMPI Benefits


The FDS400-301 is the primary tool in the commercial aviation market for downloading FDR and CVR data from the aircraft, and it is user friendly and recognized worldwide. The HHMPI is capable of downloading all major industry FDRs and CVRs including all L3 and Honeywell Recorders. This unit also stores aircraft fleet data allowing operators to select specific tail numbers for download.

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FDS Interface Cables

Interface Cables

Carolina GSE can build your next FDS HHMPI kit with the interface cables to connect to your aircraft's flight data record (FDR) and cockpit voice recorder (CVR). Our knowledgable team can help offer the right solutions so you can start downloading and analyzing data from your aircraft's FDR and CRV.

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Have equipment you want to trade-in toward a new HHMPI device or interface cables? Contact our avionics team to get started!

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