New Bern, NC February 2, 2021 ‹Carolina GSE, a global provider of aviation ground support equipment solutions, announces a new partnership with PPEDM Corporation, a manufacturer and supplier of patented Electro-Discharge-Machining (EDM) technology. Carolina GSE and Perfect Point have created a strategic partnership to bring E-Drill to more businesses in the Aerospace industry by providing flexible leasing options.

“This is a new and exciting technology to help our customers improve efficiency, reduce damage rates, and protect aircraft mechanics during aircraft maintenance. With our new financing programs at Carolina GSE, we will be providing flexible options
to help customers easily acquire E-Drill along with deploy into service,” said John Werner, President.

More Info About E-Drill

What’s the E-Drill?
Utilizing this force-less process to remove hard-metal fasteners in mere seconds, E-Drill yields 20x productivity improvements, drives up first-pass quality, reduces the cost of consumables, increases throughput and protects workers.

About Carolina GSE
Carolina GSE is based in New Bern, North Carolina, and is a trusted global leader in providing diverse categories of ground support equipment and offering extensive repair and overhaul services. Carolina GSE’s product line has expanded to include avionics and FDR/CVR testing and readout equipment. Carolina GSE was founded in 2001 to serve individual aircraft owners, corporate flight departments, FBOs, maintenance facilities (MROs), military, and commercial airlines.

About Perfect Point
Perfect Point EDM Corporation (PPEDM) is a privately funded corporation, located in Huntington Beach, California, founded in October 2005 to capitalize on our unique, patented Electro-Discharge-Machining (EDM) technology. Perfect Point is a leading manufacturer and supplier serving the aerospace industry with unique and advanced tools for aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul operations. The company has introduced two game changing, innovative products, E-DrillTM and S-Blaster to the Aerospace Industry.

More Info About E-Drill