Carolina GSE, the leading global GSE distributor is pleased to announce the launch of its new brand, Pilot John International. The new brand includes an updated e-commerce website and reflects the company’s continued expansion with new products and services into global markets.

The Pilot John brand represents a strategic shift to offer an integrated approach to its global expansion in the aviation industry. The new, modernized identity illustrates the progressive direction for the business as part of significant growth objectives over the next decade. PJI’s new e-commerce platform offers a user-friendly and interactive online shopping and procurement experience aimed to support PJI’s mission of helping customers find the right products and services when they need them.

PJI plans to continue growing new and existing relationships with top manufacturers, further expand the flexible financing and rental programs, and heighten the used parts side of the business by offering affordable alternatives for customers to trade in and upgrade existing equipment.

“They always said the sky was the limit, and we are helping clients keep on soaring. In introducing Pilot John International as our new global brand, we are building upon our foundation as an industry-leading GSE company. As we continue to grow we look forward to expanding the products and services we offer to help our customers keep their aircraft ready for takeoff,” said John Werner, President & CEO.

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