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Aeroweigh Aircraft Weighing Kits are premium, top of jack aircraft scales. Aero Weigh aircraft weighing kits operate wireless and come with your choice of MS Surface Pro or 2 in 1 Flip laptop versions.

Aero Weigh standard kits are the lightest weight kit in the industry for easy use and transport.

Aero Weight

Aeroweigh Aircraft Weighing Kits come complete with our Aircraft Weighing Systems software installed. This software reads all channels and shows the total weight. Advanced functions are also available including our AWS software and spread sheet export detail to output similar to AWBS applications.

Premium Wireless

All kits operate via wireless along with a Surface Pro or a 2 in 1 flip laptop version. 

Combine and Save with Jacks

Need a full jack set to weigh your aircraft? Don't worry, our team can bundle and save on your next Aero Weigh and jack set. 

Weigh All Aircraft

We have options to weigh small general aviation up to large commercial and cargo aircraft. 

  • Aero Weight Aircraft Scales

    The M2400-150 Kit - Weigh up to 150,000 lbs

    Weigh all the aircraft in your fleet from small general aviation, business jets, and commercial airline aircraft.

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  • Aero Weight Aircraft Weight Scales

    Under Jack Weight Scales

    Use the wireless cells to fit on top of your existing jack set.

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  • Aircraft Weight Scales

    Hassle-Free - No Wires

    Handheld wireless laptop for hassle-free use and no wires. 

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Carolina GSE is an authorized reseller for all Aero Weigh products. We offer solutions from outright purchase,d rentals, or trade-in and upgrade your existing aircraft scales. 

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