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Ground Hydraulic Power Mobile Test Stand (new)

Ground Hydraulic Power Mobile Test Stand (new)
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Product Code: ROBOMULE5000
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Robomule 5000 – Ground Hydraulic Power Stand

Custom manufactured 28 VDC, 3000 RPM, 3.5 HP continuous duty motor (reversible)

Same as Tronair Part 13-6603-6000



Utilizes your aircraft pump, filters, pressure regulator, and fluid

No system contamination

No possibility of over-pressurizing system

No fluid loss or leaks

Easy installation

Remote control cord reel, 50 ft. of cord



Highest quality, low profile 28VDC, 3000 RPM, 3.5 HP continuous duty motor

Reversible rotation by switching motor leads

15 ft. power cord

Heavy-duty ball-bearing casters

Heavy-duty steel post with removable base



Westwind 1123/1124

Lear 23/24/25

Citation I, II, III, VII

HS 1125/700/800/1000

Falcon 10


Other applications possible

Please call by phone or request a quote.


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