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Ground Power Foxcart 1200 Single Phase

Ground Power Foxcart 1200 Single Phase
Brand: Foxtronics
Product Code: 1200
Availability: In Stock

The Foxcart 1200 ground power unit is designed to provide smooth, high current DC power to aircraft during engine starts or ground maintenance. The Foxcart, when used as an external DC source, eliminates or minimizes excessive current drain from the aircraft’s battery and battery relay contacts. It is also designed as a low profile unit that requires minimum ventilation and is easily moved in a crowded hangar by one person.

All units are provided in functional configuration with standard 15ft. DC cables with a Anderson Aircraft DC plug and 50ft. AC cable with a Hubbell 460P7W AC plug.

Model 1200: This is a single-phase power input unit and should only be considered if three-phase power is not available. It will deliver the rated DC power, but with less efficiency and regulation than the other models. It can handle starts on helicopters and other light aircraft and will greatly assist a battery start on heavier aircraft.

Output Volts: 28VDC
Peak DC Out: 1200 AMPS
Continuous DC Out: 600 AMPS
Input Power Required: 208-240 Volts Single Phase 200 AMPS Service

The Foxcart is enclosed in an all steel chassis frame with a three-piece steel box siding. There are handles at each end to move it. The power cables can be wrapped around the handles or coiled on top for storage. The wheels can be locked in place to prevent movement. Both power cables are clamped internally to the frame for strain relief. The controls marked “optional” are not included in the standard Foxcart unless ordered by the customer.

Foxtronics warrants each new Foxcart Mark II Series to be
free of defects in material and workmanship, under normal
use and service for three years from date of shipment.

Dimensions including handles:

Standard Model Foxcart: Length 50.50” Width 30.00”
Heigth 31.50”

With Terrain Wheels: Length 50.50” Width 30.00”
Height 38.00”

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