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Unitron 400 Hz GPU Combination

Unitron 400 Hz GPU Combination
Unitron 400 Hz GPU Combination Unitron 400 Hz GPU Combination
Brand: Unitron
Product Code: 400 Hz GPU Combination
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Unitron’s dual output, solid-state, AC-DC Ground Power Unit supplies simultaneous 400 Hz AC and 28 VDC or 270 VDC power from a single unit. No longer are two separate GPUs required to service a mixed fleet of AC and DC aircraft.

By combining the output of two Unitron GPUs into a single solid-state unit, customers reduce operating and maintenance costs, as well as decrease the amount of equipment necessary on the ramp, thus conserving valuable space and easing ramp congestion.

Unitron AC-DC GPUs are available in mobile and towable configurations, making the series suitable for a variety of uses.

More Info

45 kVA to 180 kVA AC
425 Amps Continuous DC
1600 Amps for 1 minute or 2000 Amps for 30 seconds start
Overload - 600 Amps for 1 hour
1000 Amps for 10 minutes
28VDC Mobile 20-45 kVA
60-90 kVA
Towable 20-45 kVA
60-90 kVA
120-180 kVA
45 kVA to 180 kVA AC
30, 48, 60, 72kW
270VDC Mobile 45-90 kVA
Towable 45-90 kVA
120-180 kVA

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