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Unitron 400 Hz GPU Towable

Unitron 400 Hz GPU Towable
Unitron 400 Hz GPU Towable
Brand: Unitron
Product Code: 400 Hz GPU Towable
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Unitron's PwrKart™ Series includes 400 Hz towable converters for aircraft ground power applications in the ramp or hangar area. Through an innovative design, advanced self-diagnostic systems (BITE) and modular construction, Unitron products assure maximum power availability and minimal repair time.

Output power ratings for the 400 Hz towable PwrKart™ range from 45 kVA to 180 kVA, and are available in single or dual output configurations.

Product Highlights

  • Power Ratings 20 kVA to 180 kVA.
  • Towable up to 15 MPH.
  • Single or dual output.
  • 28 VDC or 270 VDC output available as option.

More Info

400 Hz 45 - 90 kVA Spec Sheet
120 - 180 kVA Spec Sheet