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Helicopter Tug Tiger Tug Model 5.0

Helicopter Tug Tiger Tug  Model 5.0
Brand: Tiger Tugs
Product Code: MODEL5.0
Availability: In Stock

Tiger Tug has been designed with the customer in mind. With our unique remote control system you can maneuver your helicopter in tight hangar spaces effortlessly while controlling it from any vantage point. The Tiger Tug remote controlled helicopter tug Model 5.0 is designed to lift helicopters with a towing weight of up to 5,000 lbs.

Model 50 is totally wireless so the operator can watch every movement unobstructed. We made it a true scissor lift so no guessing where the saddles will come to rest as they are raised. We exclusively use Heli-Saddle’s™ polyurethane supports to offer the safest non marring system on the market to protect your investment.  Tiger Tug, safe, reliable and affordable.

When you position your Tiger Tug under the helicopter with the saddles lined up, this alignment stays that way as you now raise the supports to safely nest into the cross tubes. No need to guess where the saddles will end up after they are raised which avoids that possible damage to the belly skin by just missing the tubes! With our remote control system you are right there watching the lift take place. It is not necessary to walk back and find the raise switch and lose the ability of seeing if the saddles end up in the correct place.

Tiger tug exclusively uses the Heli-Saddle™ supports, which provides the safest non marring system on the market to protect your valuable investment.
■ Our patent pending rail and support system provides a safe and efficient way of cradling your helicopter for transporting.
■ The Tiger Tug uses solid rubber drive tires. No more having to remove and repair multiple hard to get at pneumatic tires.
■ The optional equipment GPU system has a built in safety feature for disconnecting the GPU cables automatically if the GPU wasn’t removed prior to take off.
■ Custom color and graphics pack
■ Built in smart charger that monitors and charges each deep cycle battery independently according to its needs.
■ Tough powder coated frame resists rust and corrosion and stays looking new for years.
■ Custom color and graphics packages available.


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