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Eagle RTT-18

Eagle RTT-18
Brand: Eagle
Product Code: RTT-18
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Eagle RTT-18

Extremely efficient, 48V A/C electric tow tractor that can tow up to 18,000 lbs. Fully adjustable seat for both Stand-up and Sit-down operation. Designed to be used with optional "smart charge" battery and charger systems to allow for opportunity charging at shift changes and breaks to provide 3 shifts of operation without having to change batteries.

The RTT was designed to maximize reliability and reduce unproductive "down-time". With its solid steel plate construction and its vibration reducing front and rear suspension, the RTT features an unsurpassed 1,000-hour Preventative Maintenance schedule. Adding to the RTT's reliability is its high-efficiency A/C electric drive, which requires no preventative maintenance. When you team this with a "Smart Charge" battery and charger, the result is a material handling tool with unparalleled productivity that can streamline any operation.

Product Highlights


  • 48 Volt A/C Drive - 4th Generation A/C, solid state, with closed loop digital controls
  • A/C Brushless Motor - Eliminates Preventative Maintenance
  • 340 AH Opportunity Rapid Charge capable
  • Regenerative Braking which helps increase battery life and reduce brake maintenance
  • Familiar Automotive Controls reduces training time


  • Stand-up and Sit-down Operation
  • SAE rated 18,000 lbs. towing capacity
  • Solid Steel Plate Construction lengthens operational life
  • Optional Front and Rear Hitches with remote operation
  • 1,000-Hour/1-year Preventative Maintenance Interval
  • System Diagnostics available using standard display


  • Accommodates 5th and 95th Percentile
  • Unobstructed 7" Step-in Height from either side
  • 30" Operator Compartment
  • Multi-position Steering Wheel
  • Horizontal and Vertical Adjusting Stand-up/Sit-down Seat
  • Front and Rear Suspension dampens operator and component vibration


  • Re-gen Braking activated as soon as throttle is released
  • Secondary Hydraulic Braking System
  • Electro-magnetic Parking/Emergency Brake standard
  • Speed Controls for Loaded and Unloaded operation
  • 14" x 23" Floor Pad Safety Switch
  • ANSI B56.9 compliant


LOAD TYPE Ideal for towing loads up to 18,000 lbs.
Drive Wheels 2
Drawbar Pull 1,300 lbf / 5.8 kN
Towing Capacity 18,000 lbs / 8,181 kg
Length (without hitches) 87.3 in / 2,217 mm
Width 39.25 in / 997 mm
Height 40 in / 1,016 mm
Wheelbase 36 in / 914 mm
Turn Radius (outside) 69 in / 1,745 mm
Step Height 7 in / 178 mm
Operator Compartment 30 in / 762 mm
Frame/Body Heavy duty, fully-welded, steel construction
Suspension Front - Coil Spring; Rear - Dual Rubber Springs
Speed Programmable - Loaded & Unloaded
Number of Speeds Programmable - Loaded & Unloaded
Seat Stand Up or Sit Down (Pneumatic)
Steering 14 in / 356 mm Automotive Steering Wheel, Tilt Adj. - Center point, power steering
Service Brakes Primary - Regenerative; Secondary - Hydraulic Actuated Drum
Parking Brakes Orscheln - Mechanical Hand Brake Actuated Drum
Tires (Drive) 18 in / 457 mm Solid Pneumatic
Motor Schabmueller - 48 V - AC Induction
Master Controller Curtis AC Induction Motor and Vehicle Controller
Lights (12 VDC - Isolated) Front Headlight, Optional Pole Mounted Strobe and Tail/Brake Light
Performance Specification B56.9
Safety Specification UL583
Lights 12V LED Long Life, Optional Pole Mounted Strobe and Tail/Brake Light
Instruments Display showing Battery Life, Hours & Diagnostics.

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